A big hello to The Foolish Obsession!

After a few cryptic comments, I’m ready for the big reveal… (deep breath!)

Bubbles & Blush is re-launching as The Foolish Obsession!

My new venture will still bring you beauty & skincare reviews, and the focus will still be on Australian made & owned; however, it will encompass a broader range of topics than B&B. It will be a lifestyle blog, giving me the chance to post about the enormous range of things that interest me. One of the joke names that was tossed about in the planning stages was “All of the Pretty Things (in the one place)”, and that actually sums it up quite nicely!

All of my social channels have been renamed (Twitter is ‘foolishobsesh’ due to the 15 character restriction!), and I am working on moving all of my wonderful subscribers over to the new domain. Obviously, TFO will be a work-in-progress for a little while, until I’ve settled in, but I have SO MANY plans ♥

I am so excited for this change, and want to thank everyone for your support & encouragement over the past year. I know things have been a bit slow around here, and I hope this explains the radio silence.

Check out TFO’s Father’s Day gift guide to get you started!

x Amy

Review: Natural Instinct Energising Body Wash & Body Lotion

Natural Instinct Energising Body Wash and Body Lotion

It’s no secret that I love an affordable product that actually works – who doesn’t? Expensive products are lovely, and they feel completely luxurious, but you also need a cheapie that you can use on a daily basis, that does the job without breaking the bank. This is exactly what you get with the Natural Instinct Energising Body Wash and Body Lotion*, two products from an Aussie brand that totally understands its target market. All of the goodness for a quarter of the price – plus, reading the ingredients lists makes me want to be healthier all round!

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Review: 7000BC Anti Ageing BB Cream

7000BC Anti Ageing BB Cream

If you caught my lesson in alphabet creams the other week, you’ll know that BB creams were the first to make an appearance. Australian brand 7000BC was quick to jump on the trend, creating their unique Anti Ageing BB Cream*, the first to be advertised as ‘anti ageing’ in Australia. I was hesitant to try this, as other BB creams have caused my dermatitis to flare up massively, but I am SO glad that I gave it a go. I’m completely obsessed – I finally understand the hype around ‘dewy’ skin!

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Bubbles and Blush One Year Blogiversary La Mav Gentle and Clean Giveaway

A whole year of Bubbles & Blush. Can you believe it?! I am having so much fun, and have enjoyed every moment so far, so thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way.

But sometimes, words aren’t really enough. So I have a giveaway for you as well! I have 2 x fabulous skincare packages from Australian organic skincare brand La Mav up for grabs ♥ just click the image above or the giant shouty link below to enter:


The prizes include four products from La Mav’s Gentle & Clean range:

1 x DNA Phyto-Guard Pink Clay Mask

1 x Hydra-Calm Cleansing Crème

1 x Jojoba Beads & Argan Oil Exfoliating Scrub

1 x Rose Hydrating Mist

* Please note that the giveaway is open to Australian residents only. As this is to show my appreciation to readers of Bubbles & Blush, any competition accounts will be marked as invalid. The giveaway closes on Friday 15th August. *


For more information about the prizes, visit La Mav’s website.

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended! HUGE congratulations to Candice & Lily. Thanks to everyone who enteredxx

Meet Jeannette Tolomeo, founder of IVI ORGANIC

Giulia, Dominique and Jeannette Tolomeo of IVI ORGANIC

I was lucky enough to attend the launch of IVI ORGANIC at Chiswick restaurant recently, and I was immediately in awe of founder Jeanette Tolomeo and her two gorgeous daughters, Giulia and Dominique. These women clearly love what they do, and they embody their brand’s message of health, simplicity and versatility. IVI ORGANIC uses Australian native ingredients to enhance the natural beauty of your skin. I was lucky enough to chat with Jeannette, and learn a bit more about this luxurious new skincare brand.

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Day & Night: Bespoque skin care + John Plunkett Collagen Lift Moisturiser

Bespoque John Plunkett Collagen Lift Moisturisers skincare Australian Made Owned

There are a lot of things that I love about getting older. Confidence, freedom, wine. I’m much happier as an adult than I was as a teenager – I wouldn’t be 16 again for all the money in the world. However, I’m also at an age where my skin has started throwing curve-balls my way. It used to be sensitive and oily (very oily). Then, it slowly moved towards sensitive and combination. Now, if I forget to moisturise regularly, I get dry patches. Come on, make up your mind! So I have had to alter my skincare routine in order to adapt, and am now using a light, hydrating moisturiser in the morning and a heavy duty moisturiser at night. My two favourites at the moment: my custom-made Bespoque moisturiser* to get me through the day, and the John Plunkett Collagen Lift Moisturiser* to rehydrate while I sleep.

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Beauty Buzzwords: Alphabet Creams

Alphabet Skincare Creams BB CC

I’m sure we all remember when BB creams first made their way onto the market. It started slowly, as more and more people brought them back from Japanese holidays – and then, BAM. Western companies latched on and BB creams were everywhere! These were quickly followed by CC creams, AA creams, and we are now seeing DD and even EE creams. And no, they have nothing to do with your cup size. So what exactly do each of these creams do?

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